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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: VISA, MASTER CARD, and we are PAYPAL Verified.


Q: Are there any minimums to buy?

A: No, but bulk pricing makes more sense in most cases.


Q: How long do stickers, posters, and banner take to have made?

A: It depends on how many are ordered. A 5000 piece order takes longer than say a single poster. Most orders ship within a couple of days.


Q: What file formats do you accept for artwork?

A: Just about any format we can convert from. JPEG, EPS, BMP, AI, Photoshop, PDF, and various others. If it's an oddball format, ask us. Chances are we can convert it. The higher the resolution, the better is always the best way to go.


Q: What shapes of die cuts stickers can you make?

A: Every shape imaginable. We can outline any image and/or text in any combination.


Q: What's the lifespan of digital printed stickers outdoors?

A: About 3-5 years if left uncoated. Longer depending on the coating options.


Q: How many colors can I have on a sticker?

A: As many as you wish. To us, printing a single color costs the same as printing many colors. Pricing is based off of the size in square footage, labor, and ink consumption.


Q: What are the setup costs and when do they apply?

A: Setup costs are nothing, we are setup ready to go 24/7. We even print overnight for longer runs.


Q: Can I put photos on banners?

A: You bet! Like with the stickers and decals, digital printing banners in photo quality is just as easy as printing on the adhesive vinyls. We have on hand the ICC profiles for all the media we stock so the colors come out true.


Q: Will my banner be hemmed and have hanging grommets?

A: Yes! We want our product and your purchase to last a long time. Brass grommets are the standard here.


Q: What will I be charged for shipping an order?

A: We ship UPS with tracking information supplied to you. We charge standard UPS rates depending on weight and shipping destination.


Q: What resolution can you print?

A: We print up to 1440 DPI for the highest quality possible. This is why so may photographers use us for printing their artwork.


Q: Can you print on canvas?

A: Yes! Glossy, semi glossy, and matte canvas materials are very popular with the photographers and artists. The canvas materials are really neat and add a custom look to any print.


Q: Can you supply me with other things like banner stands for trade shows, squeegees, remover tools, and the like?

A: Yes, we have a host of options in banner stands, application tools, and removal tools. Whatever you need, we can get it for you.


Q: Can you make the cut-out only type of vinyl stickers I see on cars all the time?

A: Yes, we can do vinyl die cut only stickers on our precision cutter in any design and any font.


Q: Can you put photographs on T-Shirts?

A: You bet we can. We transfer the material via a thermal hot press directly on to the the shirt. We can print anything you wish on the transfer material.


Q: Will you print on a thermal transfer material so I can iron it on myself?

A: Sure, but you're taking your chances with that one. We will tell you the temperature the iron needs to be and for how long to apply the heat. The rest is up to you. (They come with an instruction sheet for home applications)


Q: Is it cold in Colorado?

A: Yes, but only in the winter. We see temps over 100 multiple times during the summer.


Q: Can you print large panels so I can put them on my trailer or a billboard?

A: Yes, just tell us the size of panels you want. For large jobs of this type we highly recommend the Avery EZ apply vinyl. You'll thank us later for this one.


Q: Is wet application easier than dry application?

A: Yes, it allows you to position your work before you make it stick. We can also supply you with professional grade tack liquid if you don't want to make your own. All of your orders are shipped with an instruction sheet.


Q: Will you keep my artwork on file for repeat orders?

A: Yes, we sure will. We archive information for 3 years from last purchase date.


Q: Can you make football and soccer jerseys?

A: Yes, we sure can. We can supply any type of clothing.


Q: Can I see samples of your work before I purchase?

A: Yes, just call us and ask about our sample packs. Once you start working with us, we will even send you a sample of your sticker before mass production begins to get the final OK. We want you to be assured you are getting exactly what you want.


Q: Can you make business cards?

A: We can but usually forward that business to a local company that specializes in card production. We can however make the ever popular vinyl business cards that you can peel and stick to things like folders and documents.



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