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The custom stickers look great! Certainly use you again for our graphics projects! -Mark Ulumgh

Custom made bumper stickers from SVG are top notch! It's hard finding custom vinyl at the right price, these guys do it. Certainly use you guys again!
-David Cross

Sticker/Decal Application Instructions

There are two ways to apply the UV vinyl, wet and dry. Large graphics for a first time installer, the wet method will most often yield the best overall results, but smaller stickers and die cuts are easily done dry. (Larger than 6"x8" or so, especially if it's a solid piece) In addition, it's best to install stickers in temperatures above 50 degrees F. Always clean your surface where you will be applying the sticker to. Rubbing alchol is typically best, but check to make sure you can use an alchol based cleaner on whatever you install the stickers on.

If you decide to use the wet method, follow these instructions. Take a small spray bottle and fill it with clean tap water. Add one teaspoon of ordinary liquid dish soap and mix well. (about one teaspoon of dish soap per 3 cups of water) Remove the sticker from the protective backing and spray both the adhesive side of the sticker and the surface of the area you will be mounting the sticker to. Gently place the sticker where you want it to be located. Careful not to apply to much pressure as this is what activates the adhesive. Once you have the sticker straight and where you want it, take a squeegee or similar flat object (credit card works well with a soft cotton cloth over it as to not scratch the print) and squeeze out the water/soap solution starting in the center working your way out. If you happen to end up with bubbles once you're finished you can pop them with a stick pin to release the air. The vinyl is self healing to some extent, so the smaller the pin the better. Clean off sticker and excess solution with a dry, soft cotton cloth. That's it, you're done!

**Always keep your stickers in a cool, dry place until you are ready to use them.**

Enjoy your new stickers!

If you have any questions at all, call us!

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